Our evolutionary ancestors left the water to walk on land, and it's to water we return for that meditative pastime we call fishing. In the distant future, when our genetic descendants have left the biosphere to live among the stars, will they, too, return to the planets to engage in... planetboundcreaturing?

Obviously, this is already happening. Visitors from space-faring civilizations have visited our own planet many times now. Are they here to study us? To study our planet? To observe us and protect us? No, they're here to kick back, relax, put out the line and see what comes in.

Now you can try it for yourself.

Click on the console inputs with the mouse. You can use the SPACE key in place of the transporter open/close button.

1. Wait for a target to show up in the crosshairs, and activate the transporter (button on left of console, or SPACE).

2. Increase the power of the transporter (reel in the target using the central dial).

3. Close the transporter (left console button or SPACE). The higher the power meter is when you try to catch a creature, the better the chance you'll get it.

4. Choose to keep or release whatever you caught (switch at bottom of console).

Made for MiniJam91 by Ezorus and phlp, with a theme of "UFO" and limitation of "Fish as a mechanic."

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